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PLC CPU, 24VDC supply, 24 x 24 VDC inputs, 16 x relay

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Data sheet

Voltage 24VDC
Attribute PLC
Type Relay
Output points 16
Input points 24

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CP1E-N PLC CPU, 24VDC supply, 24 x 24 VDC inputs, 16 x relay outputs 2A, 8K steps program memory, 8K words Data Memory, built-in RS-232C port

Our CP1E series offers all functionality you need to control relatively simple applications, including outstanding positioning capability. All CP1E CPUs offer high-speed USB for quick programming. The Easy Input Editor software feature allows faster programming by using an intuitive ladder editor to create an organized application program.

The CP1E series comes in two different types: CP1E-E is the most economical, while the CP1E-N has a built-in real-time clock, motion control capabilities, and a serial port to connect an HMI, barcode reader, or other serial device. Several optional units are available to increase the functionality.

As the CP1E series shares the same architecture as the CP1L, CP1H, CJ, and CS series, programs are compatible for memory allocations and instructions.