More Control Company Profile

It is our goal to make customer buying even simpler by reducing the hidden costs of building and maintaining machinery.

More Control is a dedicated supplier of automation products and automation solutions for machine builders and manufacturers with the goal of providing a more technical and sophisticated approach to the buying and selling of automation parts.

Technical Expertise

Our principle fields of expertise are in the supply and servicing of automation parts, equipment and bespoke automation solutions.

Our Company Aim

To provide you with the right automation products when you need them, and the support you require to benefit and profit from new technology.

More Control offers a wide variety of automation support services up to and including:

  • Assistance with Production Selection
  • 24 Hour Support Contracts
  • Software Writing
  • Machine Breakdown Assistance
  • Complete Automation Design
  • Manufacture and Project Management


automation products Please Note that all product prices are displayed with VAT included.

If you have an idea for an automotive application that you would like to design or build give us a call on 0345 00 00 400 and we can transform your automation ideas into viable business practices.